Ivory Wave Drug


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January 31, 2011:
Mephedrone and MDPV Info Added


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Ivory wave and other bath salts may contain MDPV, Mephedrone, or both. MDPV is illegal in some states but is sold as a research chemical online.

What is Ivory Wave?

Also Called Vanilla Sky, Purple Wave, and Ivory Coast

The Ivory Wave Drug has become newsworthy in the past few months given that it is sold as a bath salt that it "not for human consumption" but is popular on the street as a substitute for harder drugs like cocaine. There have been several big news stories alledging that it has caused addiction, weight loss, and even death along with side effects that are also undesirable. Ivory Wave Side Effects may include paranoia, agression, insomnia, and fear, all of which can make it hard for a person to have a normal life. When these conditions are combined with the stresses of everyday life, they may even push a person over the edge. What's worse, medical authorities indicate that changes in blood pressure could cause strokes or heart attacks and since there is no clear dosage for Ivory Wave and its knockoffs, there is also no way of knowing how much is too much.




Notes and Special Information

Special note: Any drug marked "not for human consumption" should be treated as the label suggests. If your friends want to ruin their lives with an untested drug, make sure they don't do it at your house.